How do I know if I need a hearing test? 
If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, a hearing test may be needed.

  • Do you find yourself asking others to repeat what they've said?
  • Do you avoid people and large gatherings?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding what is being said on the TV, radio or telephone?
  • Do you hear what people say, but not understand what they are saying?
  • Do your family members complain that you are not hearing them?

What insurance do you accept?

  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Washington State Labor and Industry
  • SAIF
  • Worker's Comp
  • Moda
  • ...many other plans on a case by case basis

How do I know where the best place is to get my hearing tested?

  • First, consider the provider and their professional qualifications and experience.
  • Consider where the hearing tests are being performed. Are evaluations performed in a sound-treated booth? Is the equipment up-to-date and clean? Will the evaluator explain the test results with me? Can I have a copy of the test results?
  • Be sure the specialist conducts an otoscopic screening prior to the hearing test.
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